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Speed and Movement Training

Bo McNair, one of the nations top sprint clinicians, has developed techniques that help athletes of all abilities enhance their athletic skills.

Athletes learn how to increase their speed and quickness
Athletes learn to master the concepts needed for explosive speed and movement

Speed and Movement Sessions Cover
  • How to Sprint
  • Acceleration
  • Sprint Technique
  • Movement Skills and Body Position
  • Drills to Improve Quickness
  • Drills to Shorten Reaction Time

Contact Bo McNair’s Speed Camps at Bomcnair@hotmail.com

Baseball & Softball Baseball & Softball

Types of sessions available:
Individual / Small Group / Team Training

Track & Field Track & Field

Types of Training offered:
Individual / Small Group / Team

Soccer Soccer
Athletes learn how simple biomechanical adjustments, core strength, and 360 Rotational Belt work can turn an average player into a great player.

Football / Basketball Football / Basketball
Increase your team speed and quickness
Learn how to incorporate drills into your practice sessions
Position specific drills and techniques

Kids Kids
Athletes are grouped according to ability and are taught the skills they need in a safe and fun environment. Parents are encourged to watch, and ask questions in order to learn how best to help their athlete practice the skills learned at camp.